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Better, hotter, cooler, hipper

rating communities are fun and eduplaytional

Rating communities are fun and eduplaytional!
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Anybody , Moderated
If you believe that livejournal rating communities are the ultimate, x-treme way to validate your existence, this community is for you. Post at your own risk. We are brutal, and may judge you for the way you look rather than your personality. If you are ugly, leave. If you don't realize that livejournal is the real world, leave. If you are not a hip indie rock scenster, leave. In fact, we encourage you to attempt to perfect yourself before attempting to join.

Post with the following behind a livejournal cut. If you don't know how to do a cut, leave. You may not omit any questions.
1. Name
2. County of origin
3. Favorite flavor of edible underwear
4. Most obscure band you can name that you have only downloaded one song from
5. Raddest piece of clothing you own. If it doesn't have a checkered or argyle pattern, or isn't black, don't bother. In fact, leave.
6. Hotornot.com vs. ratemyboner.com?
7. Say something emo. If it's not good enough to make us cry, leave.
8. Write one paragraph [500 words or less] philosophizing about the legitimacy of rating communities as civic institutions within our society.

Post a picture that looks least like you really do. Make sure its flattering. We hate ugly people.