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1. Name: Gisella Guerin Garocsw

2. County of origin - Czech Republic

3. Favorite flavor of edible underwear - Well, I like all flavors! Lolz! BUT, I think strawberry is the best by far. tried it out the other day and it was wonderful

4. Most obscure band you can name that you have only downloaded one song from - Taraf De Haidouks

5. Raddest piece of clothing you own. If it doesn't have a checkered or argyle pattern, or isn't black, don't bother. In fact, leave. - my arm bands, they are black and they symbolize my mourning process

6. vs. -

7. Say something emo. If it's not good enough to make us cry, leave. - Well, I'm a 19 year old girl from Eastern Europe. I have been bulemic and anorexic but recently sought help. Although, it still hasn't gotten rid of my suicidal tendencies. Living here doesnt help either. Eastern Europe is a crappy place where everything is rundown and no one has money. I'm really poor and a lot of my cousins have turned to prostitution, I dont want to be one, but like Sonya in Crime and Punishment, I may have to go down that road. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about everything that I have to face.

8. Write one paragraph [500 words or less] philosophizing about the legitimacy of rating communities as civic institutions within our society - rating communities, let ugly people know how ugly they are. If we didnt have rating communities, people would go around thinking they weren't ugly and offending our fragile tastes. Rating communities allow people to voice their real opinions and hide behind computers while doing so, that way people can be totally honest.

This is me!

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