travman548 (travman548) wrote in thismaybesatire,

1. Name - Trav
2. County of origin - Andorra, and I am king
3. Favorite flavor of edible underwear - Salty flesh flavored..oh wait, that's post underwear-consumption
4. Most obscure band you can name that you have only downloaded one song from - The Hard One Liners
5. Raddest piece of clothing you own. If it doesn't have a checkered or argyle pattern, or isn't black, don't bother. In fact, leave. - My shirt that says "trust me, i'm a professional" because i cant wait to wear that shirt and internally grimace while sri feels like a prick
6. vs. - definitely ratemyboner: i got a perfect score. trust me, my boner is hott. if i get in this thing, i will surely give you a peak (sorry to those very few that have nothing to look forward to because you've already had a peak)
7. Say something emo. If it's not good enough to make us cry, leave. - sometimes when i'm all alone and without the one i love, and i like to look at pictures of that person and sit around and cry and cut and listen to dashboard. this is really true when i'm half a world away at times like these. i sit alone and wait out the night.
8. Write one paragraph [500 words or less] philosophizing about the legitimacy of rating communities as civic institutions within our society. Rating societies (because this is more accurate than community) are a great way to make people feel bad about themselves. Especially when they get rejected because their personal rating isnt up to par. That is why I like to laugh (on the inside of course) at people that open themselves up to that kind of criticism.

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