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1. NameSinda
2. County of originSiberia. I'm an outcast.
3. Favorite flavor of edible underwearcoconut cherry twist
4. Most obscure band you can name that you have only downloaded one song fromUnhappies
5. Raddest piece of clothing you own. If it doesn't have a checkered or argyle pattern, or isn't black, don't bother. In fact, leave.fuck argyle. my 'nothing runs like a deere' t-shirt is 'radder' than that shit.
6. vs., i got an 11.
7. Say something emo. If it's not good enough to make us cry, leave.mackenzie stole my coke. and here now as my life is washing away with the blood that drips to the floor as i cut myself, there's no one here to clean it up.
8. Write one paragraph [500 words or less] philosophizing about the legitimacy of rating communities as civic institutions within our society.

Rating communites allow for people who aren't 'cool' in the real world a chance to pretend to be cool online. They also allow for people to say really degrading things without getting punched in the face. This helps out everyone's self-esteem. Rating communites also let people know just how ugly, boring, or just plain stupid they are, giving them an edge on life.
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